Q : How can one register for a class?
A : The answer to this query is very simple. Go to our home page. You will find an option like NEW CLIENTS REGISTER HERE. Then add your and your dog details. If you have more than one dog, add them all in the same profile. Then click on the private training option and click pay online or pay later options.
Q : At what time and where does one need to make the payment?
A : Payment can be done online at the start of the service.
Q : What are the things that are required for the training?
A : You need to bring your dog, a collar, a leash and some tasty treats for your dog.
Q : hat is the duration of a class?
A :Usually classes are six weeks i.e.5 training classes and one graduation.
Q : For how many hours each class takes place?
A : In each session, we usually teach for one hour at the same location each week.
Q : How many dogs one can bring to the class?
A : Does not matter how many dogs you bring with you, but you should be having the equivalent number of handler who can handle the dogs properly.
Q : What are private lessons and where are they done?
A : Private lessons are usually done in your home. In total there are four lessons (1 lesson per week) for 4 weeks.
Q : Can one repeat the class?
A : Yes, this can be done. You can attend the class for a number of years if you want. Once you pay for a dog, he/she becomes our student and we can teach him/her anytime.