Dog Obedience

Teach Your Dog Proper Manners (Dog Obedience Training)

Are you looking for the basic training for your dog? Training by which your pet can easily understand you? Do you want your dog to obey your commands like heel, sit, down and stay? We at Larry Benoit Dog Training cover this entire training under one roof. Does not matter whether you are starting training for the first time or you are a seasoned dog owner, we can assist you in maintaining a strong relationship with your dog by means of providing obedience training in the Baton Rouge metro area.

What is Dog Obedience Training?

It is the best thing one can do for self and pet. As you know effective communication is highly required to make your dog do what you want. This training helps in eliminating the communication gap between you and your dog so that your dog can listen to what you say. So, join us today and let your dog learn manners.

Basic Obedience (Group Class)

We teach your dog how to sit, walk with you on a loose leash, to remain in a stay position for a long time, come to you when you call, heel on leash and not  jump on you, guest or strangers.

Duration of this class is 5 weeks.

Private In Home Training

This training will be conducted in your house where

  • Your dog will walk with you without a leash or with a loose leash.
  • Your dog will respond and come to you when you call
  • Will obey your command when you say to sit or down and remain in that position and will not move from the position unless and until released by you.

Apart from this, your dogs will also be taught some other manners like,

  • Not to charge the doors
  • Not to be wild
  • Crub destructive behavior
  • Not to jump on people

Duration of the course: 4 weeks

If interested, call us for more details.

Intensive Training

Intensive training includes all the private in home training’s skill set, at my home. It’s one on one training, personal feeding, proper care, etc. I train one dog at a time. Training takes four weeks of time which comprises of 3 training sessions per day. Here, your dog will learn all the basic as well as advanced skills. Contact us for more info.


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