Dog Mouthing

Proper Training for Mouthing Behavior of Dog

Mouthing is a common problem with puppies or dogs. It varies from simple situations (when a puppy or dog is over playful) to serious situations (dog bites).The teeth of puppies and dogs are very sharp and when they bite the skin of a human being or any other animal, it leaves nasty scars on skins. This behavior usually starts in the initial stages of his life. To overcome this behavior of puppies, first of all it is necessary to understand why she is behaving in this way and then you can make the use of various approaches that can stop this behavior of your pet. If your puppy starts mouthing, first of all, ask yourself few questions like is she hungry, is she feeling sleepy, does she wants to play? Thus, there are two approaches that can help you in stopping this behavior of your pet.

Let the mouthing become unpleasant for the puppy

To make mouthing unpleasant, the best method you can do it is to shoot him with the help of a water pistol. Put some vinegar in the water pistol and shoot her in the mouth when she starts chewing. In case if vinegar is not available, then get a squirt viral of Banaca Breath Spray. Some puppies do not like the taste of Banaca and automatically they will stop mouthing.

Do not support your puppy to mouth

It is the natural tendency of a human being to push the puppies or dogs when they mouth. Do not push your puppy when she mouths because at that time you may not be allowing her to do so, but at the later phase it may become her target to mouth your hand again and again. Apart from this, always pet puppies on their back. Doing this can help you in keeping your hand away from his/her mouth.